1620 Myer - Port Vue Homes for Sale

Real Life Renovation Project

Foundations Real Estate Agency, LLC is a brokerage that uses cutting edge marketing tools to assist home sellers and buyers to make their real estate dreams a reality.

One of the ways we serve our clients is through neighborhood improvement projects like this one. Many well established neighborhoods have homes that need a little tender loving care to bring them back to life. Whether the home just needs some updates or has fallen into disrepair, there is usually a way to turn the home back into an asset to the community rather than an eye sore.

The home at 1620 Myer Avenue is just such a project. This home needs some updates to bring the appeal to a new homeowner back and to help maintain the values of the other homes in the neighborhood.

You can check back in on this page from time to time to see the progress on the renovations, and please let us know if you would like to be among the first to see the completed project.